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Identify the Businesses Visiting Your Site

Icon_Anonymous_User Uncover anonymous website visitors
Identify the businesses that visit your website but don't inquire. Access full information about those businesses including:
- Business Name
- Telephone Number
- Address
- Industry
- Company size
- Contacts

Icon_Action_Leads Action leads before your competitors
Gain the competitive advantage with real time alerts when visitors of a chosen criteria visit your site. Create watch lists and be alerted when businesses of interest visit and automatically assign leads to your sales team to action.

Icon_Close_Leads Close sales leads you never knew you had
When a whopping 98% of B2B web visitors don't make an inquiry, you could be missing out on leads that are in the market to buy. Turn website visitors into sales leads by uncovering exactly what they looked at on your website and for how long, and increase your conversion to sale.

Icon_Increase_ROI Increase your online ROI
Track the end to end journey of the businesses visiting your website, so you can attribute leads and sales to specific marketing activity and channels.

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Your website can’t accomplish much of anything without attracting visitors. At Comstar, we specialize in bringing those visitors to your site. Two of our core online marketing offerings are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, focused on Google AdWords.

We start by understanding the visitors you want to attract, identifying key search words, and running them through our predictive software to maximize results. Each period we not only report on the results, but we have a conversation (rare in these high-tech days) on how well we are doing and our next steps to improve results. We even keep track of conversions!

SEO and PPC work well together as SEO broadly promotes your business in your search rankings while PPC campaigns target specific products or services you want to emphasize.

Help Me To Improve My Search Engine Rankings


By adding social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, etc.), Comstar expands your reach across the Internet. We offer 3 packages, combining traditional online marketing of SEO and PPC along with powerful social meeting postings, resulting in more traffic and conversions.

  1. Search Visibility - Objective: Get your business showing up in the search results.
  2. Social Visibility - Objective: Get your business showing up in the search results and on social media. This captures the attention of people who are searching, but also influences others when they first start thinking about purchasing your services or products.
  3. Lead Generation - Objective: Get your business showing up in the search results and on social media, with the goal of getting prospect to identify themselves. This captures the attention of people who are searching, and influences others when they first start thinking about purchasing your services or products. A path is offered for them to provide their contact information
    and receive automated follow-up, keeping your options at the top of their mind.
Help Me to Manage My Social Media

How valuable is your reputation to you?

Comstar's 5-Star Reputation Builder Is Your Answer

Online reviews have become the way that your customers share their experience about your business and can form the basis of your business' reputation.  Are you even aware of what people are saying about you online?  Take control of your online reviews by giving your customers a simple way to share both good and bad experiences with you, before they "go public".

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Your intentions are good. You plan to update your site or blog, but rarely if ever get around to it. (Perhaps your day job gets in the way?)

Comstar can help. Our content development services will keep your website fresh, and bring your expertise to the forefront, too. We primarily do this through white papers, blogs and video.

Our professionals create this content with your help. They conduct interviews and turn that information into words or videos. You approve the content, and then post it. (Or, if you prefer, Comstar can handle that, too.)

The keys to our service are productive use of your time, a quality end product, and an ability to re-purpose content across many platforms to maximize its value. (The content we help you create might be posted on your website, your blog, and Facebook … .)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh content in all those places?

Help Me Connect With My Prospects and Customers


How are you staying in touch with current customers or visitors who show interest in your organization?

Using email blasting and drip marketing tools allow you to stay in touch wirth your customers and prospects. When you need to send one message to many recipients, email blasting is efficient. However, when a prospect takes a step toward you, a drip mail campaign assists in converting prospects to clients. Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of email messages to customers or prospects over time, according to a controlled schedule.

At Comstar we have one tool that can do both email blasting and drip marketing campaigns. Standard features include unlimited lists, easy-to-use editor, statistics, throttled delivery to prevent blacklisting, automatic bounce handling, opt in/out, campaign cloning, etc.

Help Me Start Mail Blasting Clients & Prospects
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