Project Description: 

This is a maintenance plan designed to ensure that your WordPress site/blog are kept up-to-date and fully functional by applying timely updates. It is meant to address these areas of concern:

  • Platform and Security: The internet is a place where cyber-criminals are counting on you to be unaware of basic website protocols and proper website maintenance habits. In order to stay safe it is important that your website platform is maintained on a regular basis to prevent cyber-attacks from hackers and spammers. Proper managing and care of your online asset is imperative for success.

    Cyber crime is becoming more prevalent due to website maintenance neglect.  Without proper maintenance of your site you run a higher risk of your data being compromised. It is important you protect your personal and company information 24/7.  

  • Plug-Ins or Widgets: Plug-ins are used to provide additional functionality to your blog or website and are also periodically in need of updating as the WordPress platform changes. Most sites have a few plug-ins at work in the background. However, if your functions are not updated frequently and monitored you risk breaking your website. A broken website is costly to fix and repair. Therefore, routine updates must be in place to maintain the life and longevity of your website.

  • Theme: The look and feel of your blog or website is based on a theme, which has been modified to create your site’s particular look. Theme developers also make updates available periodically, although not as often as WordPress platform enhancements.

WordPress releases platform updates on a regular basis.  The Comstar team checks on a weekly basis and applies any updates as necessary.  These updates provide new features, an improved user-interface, better performance and enhanced security measures against hackers and spammers. 

Maintenance Plan Scope: 

  • Monitor WordPress platform, security, plug-ins, and theme updates on a weekly basis.
  • Apply WordPress platform and security updates in a timely manner as they become available.
  • Apply periodic updates of WordPress plug-ins or widgets on an as needed basis.
  • Apply periodic updates of WordPress theme to latest version as they become available.
  • Test the upgrades and launch the website with the new upgrades.
  • Send an email report to you listing the upgrades that are applied to your website.


  • Additional costs may be incurred if a theme or plug-in is no longer updated and supported by the developer or needs to be replaced by another plug-in.  Comstar will notify you with the options that are available to you.  Once we reach an agreement to proceed, you will be invoiced for cost of new plug-in and any configuration costs associated with integrating it into your WordPress site.
  • This maintenance contract does not include adding new content.

The best news is the cost… only $60/month or $720/year! Start protecting your website investment today.  Call 262.953.6029 or email Joe Como to find out more.